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His Divine Grace, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acarya of the Hare Krishna Movement

Arcadia CafeArcadia Cafe

Arcadia Cafe >>

All the best-loved Krishna Food can be found in downtown Motueka at Arcadia Cafe - samosas, lassi, and the famous $5 lunch...

Krishna Farm Open NightKrishna Farm Open Night

Krishna Farm Open Night >>

Sunday night is open night! Join for a festive evening of sacred celebration!

Farm stay and WwoofFarm stay and Wwoof

Farm Stay >>

Looking for a unique wwoofing or farm stay? Take part as a wwoofer or volunteer and learn about organic farming, vegetarian cooking or various projects.

Caring for cowsCaring for cowsCaring for cows >>
Find out more about our ahimsa cows.

Krishna Farm Open Night 5pm Sundays 

Join us each Sunday for a festive evening of sacred celebration.


5.00pm Hare Krishna kirtan 

Sit comfortably and absorb yourself in the sacred sound of the Hare Krishna mantra.

Kirtan is a devotional practice of chanting sacred sanskrit mantras with musical accompaniment. It is a kind of meditation that asks you to redefine your definition of meditation! It can be done seated, standing, dancing and with instruments of all kinds, most typically karatalas (hand cymbals), mrdanga (a double ended drum), and harmonium. 

The intention is to completely absorb the mind in spiritual sound and celebrate the beauty and wonder of the Supreme Divine Being, Shri Krishna.


5.45pm Bhagavad Gita discussion 

Listen and take part in an enlivening discussion of transcendental topics.

Bhagavad Gita is possibly the most famous text coming out of India. It is accepted as the guiding light by both ancient and modern yoga practitioners of all kinds.

The Gita's wisdom has the power to transform your perspective of yourself, the world and the purpose of all things. Topics of the Gita include the nature of the soul, the Supreme Soul, reincarnation, karma, transcendental knowledge, bhakti and other paths of yoga, the nature of matter and the science of spirit.

6.30pm Arati ceremony and dancing

Dance, chant and enjoy the celebration!

An arati ceremony is bhakti yoga in action - the act of offering beautiful natural elements in the mood of love and devotion to the deity forms of Krishna. Accompanied by kirtan and dancing, you may feel yourself being drawn into this colourful spiritual ceremony!


7.00pm Delicious vegetarian feast!

Complete satisfaction!

No Hare Krishna celebration is complete without prasadam (spiritual food)! Our dedicated team of cooks prepare a sumptuous and satisfying feast, made with ingredients from our own organic farm.


Send us a message if you are interested in attending
via email or text or call Rati on 021 124 1591.




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