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His Divine Grace, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acarya of the Hare Krishna Movement

Looking for a unique wwoofing or farm stay? Take part as a wwoofer or volunteer and learn about organic farming, vegetarian cooking or in various projects.

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All the best-loved Krishna Food can be found in downtown Motueka at Arcadia Cafe - samosas, lassi, and the famous $5 lunch...

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Farm Stay and Woofing


Volunteering at Krishna Farm is a unique and educational experience. There is always a variety of projects and activities on the go around the farm. Activities may include caring for the cows, gardening and landscaping, harvesting organic fruit and vegetables, helping in the kitchen, getting firewood, building, or helping with projects, events and festivals.

For volunteers, we provide accommodation and pure vegetarian meals (the best you’ve ever had!). In the evenings you will have opportunities to explore the farm, talk a walk (or a swim!) alongside the beautiful Motueka River across the road, read a book from our Krishna conscious library or try some Krishna kirtan.

Guests are expected to join us for our morning philosophy lecture and Krishna kirtan (musical chanting) at 7am. You are also welcome to attend the morning japa meditation session if you wish.

We require that your visit be at least a week long, but longer stays are also welcome. Because space is limited, it suits everyone better that woofers commit to staying for at least an entire week. 

Krishna Farm is an ashram environment and we therefore ask all visitors to adhere to basic rules of spiritual conduct and bring no alcohol, drugs, meat or eggs onto the farm. In respect of our environment and children we also ask guests to dress modestly and refrain from swearing during their stay.

If you are interested in woofing or visiting Krishna Farm please Contact Us.

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