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His Divine Grace, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acarya of the Hare Krishna Movement

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SCOWP – Adopt a Cow Project


About our cows
Each and every cow, just like humans, is unique in their identity. Each cow has a different personality. Cows generally have a kind and peaceful nature. When they are cared for nicely each cows' true personality shines and you see clearly how a society is also present amongst these lovely animals.

The first cows at Krishna Farm are Syamala and Hamsi, both jersey cross.


Syamala is our star performer, she is our biggest milker and the head mother cow of our small herd. She has a beautiful personality and is a very pretty looking cow. She is a very affectionate cow and even our youngest members of our community, two young girls, ride on her up and back to the milking pen.


Hamsi, who is our second cow we had purchased for our farm, is a very beautiful and large cow, and is striped like a tiger. She has a very doting personality and would not even consider leaving the association of Syamala even for a moment. If she was quite occupied eating some of the lush grass, being inattentive to the rest of the herd, and not realising that the rest of the herd have moved off, she would look up to see where they have gone and would instantly take out anything in her way to get to her Syamala, - fences and trees being the biggest obstacles in the way. Last summer our two Jerseys were being led into a nice lush paddock with left over vegetable crops, and as soon as they saw that paddock immediately their eyes opened wide and they took off dancing and prancing into the paddock, kicking their feet up in the air like gazelles running wild in the savannah. 

We also have two new dexter cows, half the size of a jersey cow at full growth. These small cows have big personalities.
BAHULA and YAMUNA are our two dexters. They are lovely cows, and also, like Hamsi, would not think of leaving the association of Syamala. 
More cow profiles and photos to come.
This cow protection programme does not make any profit. Which is why your adoption donation is very important. Your donation helps provide full care for your cow. It helps provide clean adequate shelter (especially in the cold winter months), a spacious clean adequate milking pen, a round pen for training our bulls for service on our farm, a clean water filtering system for filling our troughs, adequate fencing for the protection of the cows, general health care and maintenance for the herd and general equipment for the maintenance of the farm which also include the milking pen and shelter for the cows. 
Most cows do not live to a nice old age, due to being slaughtered at a very young age for meat or the moment they do not produce enough milk. So caring for cows and bulls in old age is a new boundary we hope to achieve, and in which we appreciate all the help we can get.

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