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Krishna Farm Outdoor Recreation


Krishna Farm is located in a prime spot for outdoor recreation. Right on the farm doorstep is the beautiful Motueka River for swimming, kayaking and rafting, as well as a small area of native bush for studying and observing native Flora and Fauna and for short walks.
Approximately 40 minutes from the farm we have the stunning Abel Tasman National Park which is widely renown for crystal clear waters and golden sand beaches. Nearby there are also several entry points to Kahurangi National Park with hotspots like Mt Arthur, the Cobb Reservoir and the wild Tablelands. These locations give stunning views over Tasman and Golden Bays.

Krishna Farm Outdoor Recreation is being developed by the devotees on the farm to encourage people to live sustainably, become aware of the environment, and to keep a healthy mind and body, all of which are conducive to one's spiritual progress. Outdoor Recreation gives one a sense of appreciation for natural wonders and to see their place as part of the greater environment.

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