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Krishna Food is our mobile catering and food distribution outlet. We can be found every week at the Nelson Saturday market in Montgomery Square from 8am-1pm, and the Motueka Sunday market in Deck's Reserve carpark from 8am-1pm. We will also be venturing to other fairs, festivals and events in the future. Keep an eye on our events calendar for more information.

The purpose of Krishna Food is to encourage tasty vegetarian eating with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is well recognised and accepted that the vegetarian diet is extremely beneficial for one's health, the environment and your budget. As well as these benefits, the ethics of the vegetarian diet can not be debated. The Krishna Conscious philosophy is centred around improving the spiritual welfare of all living beings, both humans and animals.  For this reason we don't kill animals simply for the pleasure of eating them. In doing so we are creating pain and inconvenience for the animal, and are implicating ourselves heavily in the laws of karma. It is very difficult to make spiritual progress whilst consuming in a non-vegetarian diet.

Krishna Food is also prasadam, or food that has been cooked in a spirit of devotion for the pleasure of Krishna. The cooks take special care to maintain cleanliness and a spiritual atmosphere whilst cooking, which further enhances the taste and spiritual benefit of eating.

Not only is our food vegetarian and prasadam, but it is also mostly organic. A lot of the produce used by Krishna Food comes fresh and direct from Krishna Farm.


The Krishna Food speciality is the $5 Lunch, consisting of rice, vegetable curry, savouries and tomato chutney. This is vegan and gluten free, but definitely not taste free!

On the menu you will also find delicious samosas, rice and koftas in tomato sauce, hot dahl soup, and an array of delicious sweets like burfi, laddhu and halava.


Krishna Food also offers a catering service for personal events. A catering menu can be tailored to suit your requirements, whether it be a full three course meal or a simple order of sweet treats.

Please Contact Us for more information on Krishna Food catering.


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