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Krishna Farm

    radishes, carrots, chinese cabbage   

Krishna Farm is a project aimed at creating a complete lifestyle for those seriously wishing to pursue spirituality. The goal is to utilise the 12 hectare property in a self-sufficient manner and to provide a satisfying means of livelihood for those working on the farm. The philosophical basis of the farm is 'Simple living, High thinking' - we keep our lives relatively simple and free from unnecessary demands whilst simultaneously becoming more spiritually conscious.

Krishna Farm is located in the Motueka Valley, approximately 20 minutes drive from Motueka township and 50 minutes drive from Nelson City. The wider surrounding area is naturally very beautiful with the Abel Tasman National Park only 40 minutes drive away and Kahurangi National Park with tramping and day walks directly west of the farm. Bordering the farm is the Motueka River, which is clear and clean for safe swimming, kayaking and rafting, and a large area of protected native bush with short bush walks and plenty of wildlife. The entire environment is certainly very conducive for 'Simple living, High Thinking'.

Daikon radish, carrots, pak choi Wwoofer helping to pack produce Wwoofer tieing up tomatoes Toward Mt Arthur and the Pearce Valley

Vedic Organics at Krishna Farm

Vedic Organics is our 7 hectare market garden at Krishna Farm. We grow a huge variety of produce using well known organic methods, and place emphasis on the use of cows for grazing finished crops, fertilising the fields, and using manure for fertiliser. Our produce is sold at many shops throughout the Nelson-Tasman region, as well as the Nelson Saturday market, the Motueka Sunday market and at our own roadside shop. The Krishna Food caravan also uses this produce to create delicious vegetarian meals which are served at the Nelson and Motueka markets and other local fairs and events.

Some of our crops include:

Capsicum Green Beans Broccoli Watermelon
Eggplant Sugar Peas Cauliflower Rockmelon
Tomato Broad Beans Cabbage Zucchini
Chilli Parsley Chinese Cabbage Rocket
Potato Coriander Sweet Corn Basil
Yams Kale Radishes Cucumber
Pumpkin Kohlrabi Raspberries Beetroot
Squash Perpetual Spinach Marigolds Parsnips
Carrot Silverbeet Sunflowers Pak Choi






We also grow some less common vegetables such as cress, tat soi (chinese cabbage), diakon radishes, kumara, mizuna, yellow and purple beans, and yellow zucchini.

Chinese cabbagesIf you are interested in purchasing vegetables from Vedic Organics, please contact Balarama at .




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